3D Seashell Keychain Accessories

3D Seashell Keychain Accessories


This stunning handmade 3D ocean seashell keychain is made using a real medium size seashell with 2 small seashells and starfish.

The simple beach design accessories will leave you breathless. This Keychain is made of high-quality, UV resin and with a top coat of industrial-grade epoxy resin that is heat resistant up to 130°F

Easy care instructions: Clean as needed in warm soapy water using a gentle sponge or cloth. Spot clean using rubbing alcohol and a soft towel to remove oils, sticker residue, or other hard-to-remove debris. Avoid using a hard bristled brush, steel wool, or anything that may scratch the surface. 


Item will be ready to ship in 1-2 Weeks as we have to customize and wait for the appropriate cure time. 


No two Keychains will ever be the same. The finished products may vary in pattern simply because of situations beyond my control, i.e. Weather temperature, etc.

NO refunds, but if something doesn't look or act in the right way please let me know. And I'll try to find a way to solve it. 

Cancellations are NOT accepted 3 hours after ordering, because I will already start to work on the order.

Product Highlights:

Materials used in the design: Epoxy resin, Glitter, Mica Powder, Real seashells, real starfish.


If you have questions, please message us. 

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